Destiny Partners 2020

Hey Everyone,

This will seem more like a journalist blog sometimes and educational at other times. It will never be perfect but always improving these and the some of promises of 2020 that you will get from Destiny Partners. The new year has brought a lot of excitement among us all. Okay maybe it is just me but I feel things shifting in a positive way now only for marketing but creatives as well. Today there is so many ways to add value to not only your own brand but to your business relationships as well through marketing, creating content, and using your talents digitally and physically.

While people who are antiquated in thinking have been trying to run from developing technology but it seems like no one can escape the continuous increases in todays tech. While that is the case in that industry it directly affects the marketing industry and it seems like most are predicting the implications that tech will allow personalizations to distinguish companies in the very soon. The common person knows that knowing someone’s name makes all the difference in the world. People are proud of their own names and they love to be called by and shown the attention directed towards them. This is what the big marketing trend is suppose to be in 2020 at a much larger scale than before. I’ll touch on this more next week and tell you what are the other thoughts on trends for the year are.

The podcasts for Destiny Partners are going to be here, on our website, Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud, and now Youtube. These are the main audiences we intend to capture and feel confident that we will be consistent on delivering quality contents, tips and how to’s to you guys this year. If you guys ever need any help on a project or any work please reach out to us we would love to help.

Here’s to a wonderful year!

5 Marketing Tips That Will be Huge to End 2019

  1. Create Opportunities

Most people and companies have their business strategy planned out for the reminder of the year and they would be fools not to have that done by now. I only say that because the biggest sales months are upon us and with that are opportunities not to only increase your sales but to maximize the ways you effectively market. The channels you use currently you may want to take a look at some more. Most people focus on a few channels where there is majority of the people. Well in some cases you may not be hitting all of the potential clientele. By just tweaking and adding a few channels as there is plenty of other channels then just twitter, facebook, and instagram. Explore and tweak your plan you may be surprised with who you are able to reach.

2. Use Your Existing Content

The content you create takes a lot of time from you and your team. This content is often times not used to the extent that it should be. One photoshoot shouldn’t just result in 5 post of quality pictures and one video should result in just one quality video. Edit and chop up the video and go add words and/or use different filters, create a gif or a meme using those photos. This is important because the more that you use your content to its fullest extent the more creative you get with ways to use it.

3. Recognize Brand Advocates

Once you develop some steam and have things rolling and there are people that use your campaigns hashtag, enter into all of your contest, or buy all of your products. These people are your brand advocates they are loyal to you therefore they must be recognize which will result in increased business from them or the people they influence to buy. You must reward these people by offering opportunities for chances at referrals and contest. Most people respect gratitude and it will go a long way with your branding.

4. Optimize the Customer Experience

Optimize until you can’t no more… like lil nas x would say. That was a reference to one of the most popular songs of all time according to the data if you don’t get never mind. The customer experience is adding value wherever you can to help people either not believe your company is boring, more accessible, and just keeping things up to date. The more traffic you get you want to stay on top of your website and add so that when returning customers come back there’s extra content they didn’t have before. That is how you continually optimize and create a customer experience that your brand will be known for.

5. Be Genuine and Authentic

Anybody who follows me knows that I like to keep most of my post very professional but very authentic and genuine. It is like having content with no flavor, people won’t go for it. Humans make decisions based off of emotions rather than logic a lot of the time. Most humans can detect bull shit a mile away and I’d say 90% can detect fake love/attention as well. This is why sales pitches in marketing do not work most of the time. People want to feel and be treated like humans and have some attachment to whatever it is you’re trying yo convey to them. Use memorable messages something that will cause a reaction from human emotion and not a robot even though that day keeps getting closer and closer.

Why Competitive Research Can Make or Break your Marketing Plans

After doing some pretty extensive research over the course of three weeks to set up a marketing plan for one of my clients. It dawned upon how important this competitive research step is to the survival and direction of a plan. Most businesses have an idea of what image they want to convey to consumers. While this is a step ahead of a lot it isn’t enough. The image must be taken a step further by learning from direct and indirect players in your industry. After critically analyzing marketing strategies of people directly in your business can sway you in another direction then you originally intended. Watching their social media trend, looking at their discounts or sales going on, identifying their value proposition or differentiator, all of these things are good to pay attention to so you can know what is you want to do or not to do. It is very simple to learn from your competitors so you don’t head in the same direction by making the same mistakes and using similar promotions or tactics that you like with your own twist. Taking it a step further using sites like google trends can help you identify the productivity of their campaigns and promotions. Although it may seem unnecessary you must pay attention to the indirect competitors that are in the same industry just not directly competing with you. This is so important because you can identify leaders and add the same value as a leader in your industry says they are already indirect players in the industry it should not be that hard to translate over and help you uniquely place yourself in the niche.

Why Having a Surplus of Content Ready To Go is Valuable

Hey Everyone,

Many of you who follow Destiny Partners know we like to give you guys weekly podcasts, motivational wednesday, and other content. Well if you haven’t noticed we hadn’t put out any content the reason being is I had an accident playing basketball which ended up in me breaking a finger. Many stitches and antibiotics later we are back with a valuable one that I wasn’t able to set up before the incident.

The lesson happens to be stock piling content, this may seem simple and will go over a lot of people’s head but there is so many times people lose out on traction they have been gaining and it is due to not releasing anything new for a lengthy period of time. In my case it was only two weeks but the two weeks matter and here is why.

The people that follow you look forward to your posts which isn’t hurting anything by missing a week or couple days but eventually they will check for new content from you and will lose interest. This happens a lot as often people come up with the big grand marketing scheme and start out very aggressively only to not carry that throughout the entire period of the plan and they start to slowly posts, interact, and create less and less. It’s almost impossible to keep a marketing plan consistent and constant with out those three things.

To keep this from happening you need to spend some time putting together a couple of content pieces whether it’s a podcast, IG content, or whatever. Stash the items in a folder somewhere for a rainy day or some unforeseen event that where you can stay relevant in your niche and not lose your gained and potential traction.

My Story #CreativeMarketing

This week isn’t tips or step by step instructions how you can improve your marketing but instead it will be a very unconventional way for you guys to get to know me and gain some insight on the marketing strategies that have placed me where I am today. Almost 5 years ago I started up a company that was going to create a culture that my college town had been missing. This may seem redundant now because so many people do this like bar stool sports and a number of media pages. This company I started was one that every student could relate to and given we had a campus of 35,000 not including alumni my target audience was pretty big but one of the things I harp on now when marketing to such a broad audience is to find these connection between them. It helped I was attending the university and knew what most people would relate to because I was in the same audience with them. This is a advantage most business owners have the luxury of using themselves to market certain things but this is why I continually grew. I used the combination of things going on in Kennesaw along with popular culture which is the modern day news for young adults, they are more likely to flip on social media and learn something about what’s going on in the world more than they would flip on a TV and actually pay attention. I started out with the growing pains any company starts out with and eventually become the top Social Media Account, Website and Clothing line in the city all with just a Solid Marketing Strategy and the determination to never give up. After all this success in which wasn’t any profit made of the company it was giving value to something much larger to me. This is important and I think a lot of business who are trying to find where they fit in, that could be what is missing. You should try to add value to the community you conduct business in and you’ll see a shift not only in monetary value but spiritual value as well. This is what led me to the marketing aspect of business and creating Destiny Partners. After learning a few skills in college and naturally understanding how to market this was my pursuit and something I enjoy learning and doing. I have been involved with multiple business teaching, building, and creating marketing strategies, content and many more thus allowing them to be more successful and learn rather than be drained or bamboozled by a immoral marketing agency. I give you guys my story from the heart and I’m looking forward to working with more companies and people.

Go Check out the video on Youtube or Instagram,”My Story” I go more in depth. The 10 Minute Creative Marketing Podcast is also out on Apple,Spotify, and Soundcloud.


  1. Define Your Message

A business can send mixed signals to customers all the time of who and what they really represent. This should never the case you need to establish the message you want to send to your clients and customers and make it very clear. This will helps them feel more connected and aware of how to interact with you and your employees. The clearer the message is the better the response you will get. There are creative ways to add to this message through content and engagement on social media you can add and should to stand out.

2. Engage with the Audience

Your audience has all the say whether your social media is a good one or a bad one and they don’t even need to rate you. The results are in the engagement which isn’t hard to tell from others checking out your page. This is the biggest indicator to let you know if you found your voice when people want to ask questions and talk to you about certain things concerning your business. This is important and creating a call to action can help a lot, whether it is starting a hashtag and asking your followers to post their pizza face and use the hashtag in their post. If done correctly the hashtag will create curiosity from others and draw them in to your business.

3. Patience with your strategy

You never want to bombard your followers with post this will cause them to unfollow because you are annoying. The timing of post can be impactful and once you get down a schedule for your business people will almost be expecting a post from you at certain times. You want to stay up to date and never go silent on your followers. While putting out content can sometimes seem pointless if you are not creating any engagement and seeing little results, the resilient see the results over time. The more content you have to show and staying on top of your social media game can a long way in the eyes if your customers especially if they have access to your story.

How to Develop Your Story

The best stories in the world are often distorted, incorrect or flat out plagiarized. The difference in marketing and telling your story to an audience is that this should be genuine and based on your companies vision and direction while there is nothing new under the sun your story is unique and something your audience wants to hear about with great detail. A lot of companies tell stories to their audience and don’t tell enough or they over share. You want to invoke something in your audience whether it creates an emotional response, answers a question, or simply fascinating content for entertainment.

It isn’t hard to get emotional response from people on social media. The ease of access for commenting and voicing individual opinions behind a screen can be done effortlessly without a second thought. This is why you must take comments with a grain of salt. It is so easy for people to get discouraged on different social media platforms because businesses are often not represented by one person it is an easy target for opinions. Most of these comments are not from your customer and any clients you want to keep they are outliers. These negative comments should be avoided at all costs and if you need to interact to clear any air always take the high road. A great quote I heard once is, “A wise man told me don’t argue with fools. Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who.” – Jayz this comment is one you really have to take to heart when you decide to share your story. While these comments can be disabled or deleted if they are outrageous, let’s get back to the positives.

The more you open up about who you are, what you stand for, and WHY your audience will lock in with you on another level. This is the kind of level that creates brand loyal people the best customers that will give you open and account, give you referrals, and bring retuning business back into your company. This is because people will become not only invested in your story but the business. This is the power of story telling which in the larger scope of things that is all that marketing is.

Get to know your audience and the way you want to send your message in a way that will resonate with them. If you need to go shoot a video of your business and add music that will appeal to a more hip audience do it or if you need graphics and bold letters to grab your busy worker audience’s attention for a second then send your message that way. It can be subtle or it can be in detail. The messages you send should never be in one format the same story should be told multiple times so it resonates. While you can add to the story or tell a new one that compliments other elements factored into the business, sticking with the same story and telling it in new ways with little additions is ultimately the goal.


Contrary to belief, marketing is the most overlooked aspect of a lot of small and medium sized businesses. I would even go as far to say that even the bigger sized businesses can overlook this powerful element that could be adding so much value to their business. If you look at some of the top brands/companies in the world today they spend millions on their marketing departments because they know how important it is to stay in the spotlight of the American consumers. This isn’t all they are doing though, they are getting your attention and then engaging with their prospects. This is tough to do for any one who has no clue what they are actually doing because it can be hard to get people to engage in content most will sift through especially if you don’t know who they are, what they actually like, and why they even took the time to look at your ad or the content you are promoting. This is the second tip and it’s simply knowing your audience and it seems so played out when people say it because most businesses know who they are selling to but when you ask them to give you some specifics of their audience it is often times hard for people spew those characteristics out and if they can they are often times hesitant. Yes you may have different audiences but when you are speaking to someone with a message make sure you identify who you actually want that message going to because if it is a vast campaign it may need 3 separate pieces of content all depicted back to your one message. The final tip is to put the quality in the content or ads and engagement you have with your customers and prospects. A lot of the times people have great messages and would be way more successful if they gave more effort and put in the quality times. Yes a lot of people do not have the time especially smaller business owners. That is where a third party can come and work with you reducing the amount of time you have to spend doing the engagement and perfecting the quality of content. If you guys ever overwhelmed please feel free to reach out to us we’d be glad to help or at least give a suggestion or two.

The Marketing Secret to Tripling Your Sales This Year

While most companies have a good sense of who their customer and clientele are they often do a poor job at maximizing their reach to these customers. A lot of sales come from brand loyalty and reoccurring customers that have developed into the customers that will buy and promote your products for you. The goal to getting 3x the sales is not only marketing to those people but the people just like them that are just on the fence of joining the club. Most times if you engage this crowd it will tap into the people looking for you anyway. Whether you promote a new product that has added in an aspect of the culture or characteristic valued by your audience or market your brand by creating great ads that attract those exact customers. Whatever direction you go you want to head towards the direction of positivity most people get discouraged because of the negative feedback and the negative feedback is often people who are not your customer, people who would never become brand loyal to your company or even buy your product to begin with. The idea of putting your creativity on the will always come with backlash no matter what it is look for the positive comments, the positive likes and views. Which is another major impact to increasing your sales, analytics, that word can bring fear in a lot of people but analytics is fairly simple and most channels offer a way to see these analytics incising views, impressions, and click aways. These statistics are not only vital to your business they will tell you what is working and what is not. This can help bring your marketing campaigns to the next level because if you are always trying to figure out the best way to get your message out there this will help tweak and learn where to make adjustments.